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The History of Dartmouth’s Pilot’s Pub

Spergeon "Spud" Covey

Founded by World War II veteran, Spurgeon “Spud” Covey, Pilot’s Pub continues its legacy of good friends, fun, community, and a passion to serve. In 1991, Pilot’s Pub first welcomed guests at our former next door location. In 1997, Spud designed and constructed what is now our present location at 10 Atlantic Street.


Pilot’s Pub was Spud's passion, and you could always find him every lunch hour, mingling with the regulars and welcoming guests from his favourite chair.


Today, we carry on with Spud's vision of a place that is passionate about great food and compassionate to all its visitors. We’re proud of Spud and Pilot’s Pub, which have known become legends and icons of the community.


Come visit us today!

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